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Top Model


Katherine is so great to shoot. We met years ago and at the time I was shooting loads of editorial stories and was always looking for girls. Once I met her I ended up using her quite a few times. I remember when I first came across her it was at this massive commercial casting where girls were lined up all down the hall. It’s a really weird process when you’re casting a model because the agencies can end up getting all these girls in who are totally not right for the job you have in mind but you feel, well at least, I certainly feel that you have to give each of them a little time and stroking. At times it gets a little bit out of hand. Anyway, this one day I was sitting there looking for girls for a story and feeling all hot and in need of inspiration and refreshment. And the girls who are coming in now are all hot and cross too because they’ve been hanging around for ages waiting. Then Katherine breezes in, cool as you like, looking amazing, tosses her book down on the table and goes “Hi! You having a great summer?”
And sometimes that’s all it takes.
I shot her again recently, I’ll post some pictures soon.