We go party, yes?


Karla Martinez at W mag says… ‏
“Silver shoes are a must have for spring! Mine are Manolo Blahnik.”
The cover of March British Vogue says…
“Princess Dresses and Silver Shoes”
I say…
“Yeah, go ahead. I am fine with this one”
This is fashion news that makes me very happy. Not just because metallic shoes are always a bit of a winner for me (don’t you think?) but because I spied these little beauties in the window of vintage shop Strut a couple of months ago when the ground was all icy and they seemed like a ceeer-azy idea. As luck would have it, I took the precaution of marrying someone much more sensible than I am and he arrived home one afternoon with them all wrapped up for me. Nice.

Oh, and by the way, this post is named in honour of my friend Xenia who was visiting London from Barcelona to study for a few months. Whenever you asked her what she wanted to do that night, the answer was always the same, “We go party, yes?”
Yes, my little silver lovelies, we go party.

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