Venus in sweatpants


OK so what’s with this one, I love a bit of exercise. It makes me feel better, happier, more awake. And I like skinny jeans and cake too. So generally speaking I go to the gym to do classes, aerobics mostly, which is pretty good because it’s easy. I mean, it’s all organised for you. Someone stands at the front and tells you what to do so you can’t duck out or give up after five minutes and head to the sauna (yes, that’s right, that is the voice of experience speaking. I spent quite a few years thinking that going to the gym meant sitting in the steam room). So this is all working out (see what I did there?) pretty well and the amount of classes I’m doing is creeping up and I’m actually doing about 4 hour long cardio classes a week. Not excessive. But keen, definitely keen.
Then earlier in the year it felt like I’d hit a wall, I just felt really tired, stiff, worn out all the time. Coupled with the fact that all the New-Year-newbies were pre-booking every class in record time, I decided to have a little break. Do the odd dance class (happened once). Maybe try some yoga (never happened). But essentially not go to the gym.
Guess what happened? I feel great. My shoulders have unknotted, I’m more relaxed. How can this beeeee? Going to the gym is such a part of my morning routine it’s weird that it’s not there. So anyway, yesterday, I went back (I’m nearly done). I think I may have broken something. I think I may have broken everything. Why so much pain?
My question is this, is exercise bad for you?
If you know the answer, please do tell. I’ll be just over there, eating the cake.

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