Public Displays of ..


So, the other night I was coming home on tube, people were chatting, giggling, Friday night happy, a girl just near me was changing her shoes.
Wait, what?
Yeah, she was changing her shoes. No big deal.
“Ugh” says my friend
I don’t understand. “What’s the problem?”
“Why is she doing that on the tube, I mean do it on the platform, not right here”
OK…I think doing it here is fine, actually. I’m curious so I make a confession to test the water
“Well, I was filing my nails on the underground the other day and..”
“Oh my God, no”
“..the woman next to me got quite huffy about it”
“Yeah well, that is kind of disgusting”
Now, did I miss a memo about what is socially acceptable to do/not do on the tube? I’m not talking about taking a shower here or changing your underwear, but if you’re on the way somewhere, sometimes you have to take it on the run. A bit of make up application? A shoe change?
It’s fine, right?

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