Cover me


So, as discussed, I’m having a little love in moment with my iPad. Yes, hello shiny new toy. But what’s with the cases man? God, it’s enough to make you write man in the middle of a sentence.
Really, they’re all dead geeky and tech or otherwise they cost, frankly, the same as the thing itself which is just silliness. Also, am I the only person around here who doesn’t particularly want to advertise the £600 toy I have stashed in my bag? Honestly?
So..what to do.
Well, to be really honest with you I’m feeling a little smug with my answer here, are you ready? A little trawling around on some vintage sites lead me to the perfect answer, a blend of old school and brave new world. A space for my iPad, stylus, some business cards and, oh yes, a calendar from 1976.
Now you really should never leave home without one of those.