Match point


So I’ve been mulling over this whole thing about couples that has been on my mind lately. For me, part of the interest is the way that people start to merge their individual styles together to create a look that sets them apart as a pair. I love it when you see people who clearly just belong together. I’ve been observing this recently on the street and I’m going to post a few examples up here of what I mean over the next couple of days.
I wonder, do we seek out people who look like us or do we blend together once we’re an item? I’m not sure, maybe a bit of both, but either way, I’m loving the way these guys look together.

94 thoughts on “Match point

  1. So, quick question: Do you know these people, or were you randomly taking pix of couples on the street? ;)

    Because you’re right, they look absolutely PERFECT together.

    And I think style often evolves from exposure. For example, my boyfriend of three years will often look to me as he stands in the closet and say, “What do you think of this together?” So my input helps shape his wardrobe.

    For us, it doesn’t happen reciprocally … because he couldn’t care much less about fashion! But I’d imagine if he did, it would — and thus our styles would mirror even more.

    Fun post — love the pix!

  2. Great photos! And I agree… the closer my hubby and I get and the more we live together, the more we dress alike. Case in point, I know where a lot more button up shirts (like him) and he now dresses up just a little more for everyday life!

  3. I love this post! My man’s style is a mix of Scandinavian simplicity meets rugged lumberjack, while I’m a mix of 50’s dresses and oversized granny sweaters. We somehow fit quite well together. (:

  4. I always found it interesting to see how many couples to look the same. Never quite worked for me though. Even from the dawn of time I seemed to gravitate to completely the opposite.

  5. What a cute couple in your digital picture. My husband and I have been married 27 years and as we grow older we still look the same just older!

  6. I believe that, when couples get to know more about each other, which usually takes a considerable amount of time, they end up unintentionally dressing somewhat similarly. Either that or I’m just thinking based on experience. Interesting post, anyway!

  7. Well… lovely…
    this is as well for older couple :-)
    belive me the maching can happen even when you are over 30 :-)
    And the results are wonderful… keep up the good novels! serenity :-)claudine

  8. Nice observation, I think that maybe because what we wear is a reflection of who we are our syles show that and although the saying goes opposites attract I really think you have to be alike in fundamentals to make it work … hence the similar style

  9. This is a really interesting observation. It makes me wonder if my husband and I were walking along that street together that day if you would have thought that same about us.

      1. It’s funny, initially I would have said no. However after seeing your post it made me go back and look more closely. I think our styles are beginning to collide.

  10. The first pictute is gotten a great shot. The sun is the cream of the image :) Makes it somehow warm and calm, kind of peaceful.

  11. Really sweet pictures and concept! I am 13 so it’s fun observing people on the street with my friends who look really perfect for each other! Nice work and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  12. This is a cute post, and I really like both your blog title and your post title. Also, I have heard this said before about people looking like their dogs, and people picking out a dog breed based on their personality.

    Congrats in being Freshly Pressed!

  13. what cute couples! to see the feeling of satisfaction on their faces… waw. isn’t that great, to really know that there’s somone for you somewhere?

  14. I think, the more you get close to someone, the more you develop the intimacy. And when you feel its warmth, you discover the real spice of life. ;)

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  15. I think we find the things we like in the other and pick it up for ourselves. After a while, a happy medium is found. I haven’t been in a relationship in a while, but being a hopeless romantic, this is one of the things I have always loved about watching couples.

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