AS SEEN…gone in 6 seconds


So the sun has finally decided to join us over the last few days and I’ve really enjoyed watching people make the transition into their summer wardrobe. Some people, bam, straight into full on festival happy sunny-sun-sun outfits, others cautiously carrying layers like security blankets, unsure that the weather will hold.
I spotted this girl from my crows nest on the top deck of the bus but didn’t have my camera (damn) so had to make this sketch when I got home. Part Robert Palmer circa Addicted to Love (skin tight black mini dress), part hipster geek (clumpy brogues and Ray Bans) she had the balance just right.
Best of all I liked the sheer black tights, is it me or are they creeping back? My friend Sarah and I have been championing their return for some time. Hooray. Have a lovely day!

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