CRUSHING ON…loft insulation


Carhartt Beanie 2013-01-24 (08.30.29-863 PM)
I have a new friend.
He’s quite small but he keeps me warm and makes me happy.
He also doesn’t care if I don’t brush my hair (this is A Good Thing because I quite often don’t actually brush my hair). In fact I have a sneaking suspicion he prefers me that way. It makes him feel useful.
We’ve been hanging out for a few days now and, oh I don’t know, there’s just something about him that makes me feel cool.
I’m not sure that I could take him in to every social situation though, you know? Like I’m not sure he’d be able to fit in. So who knows where it’s headed long term but, for now, we’re having fun.
That’s what matters right?

Carhartt beanie, stylists own.
Or, you know, available here.

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