ON BEAUTY…under the surface


Keihl's Micro Demermabrasion 2013-09-23 (11.20.05-049 AM)
Slap my thigh and call me Susan but is there anything nicer than being told your skin looks amazing? Well, yes, ok fair enough, world peace, a stranger tapping you on the shoulder and insisting that the million pound note lying on the floor here must have fallen out of your pocket, I know I know. BUT, in the grand scheme of things, it is, in fact something that will make you feel really rather fabulous all day, thanks very much.

Perfect skin, the holy grail of beauty. So when the very perfect Charlotte Saye recommended the (lengthily titled) Khiel’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro Dermabrasion, saying “This is amazing, it like takes off an entire layer of skin. I’ve never had a real one done but this is really good. You’ve got to do it properly, you have to do it almost dry skin and do it in those tiny tiny circles.” my goose was cooked, I had to try this stuff. I mean seriously, have you seen that girl’s skin? She went on camera with no make up on, go check it out if you don’t believe me. She has a point though, it’s a strangely medical looking product by the recently rediscovered (by me) brand. Its instructions are written in a way that makes you feel somewhat trepidatious about putting the stuff on your face. But hey, I slapped it on anyway, small circle now girls, small circles. Actually boys, you too, according to the ever helpful Kiehl’s staff. A quick pre shave scrub is highly recommended to get those bristles up and ready to be chopped.

OK, back to the compliments, I had several people give me that that slightly tilted head, inquisitive look you get when someone thinks you’ve done something different but they’re not sure what. You look fabulous, you look tanned (??) you look really well were the sort of things that were forthcoming in the space of one, rather pleasant, day.
And that stuff is always going to feel great, million pound note or no.

You can find Kiehl’s in the UK here.

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