Essentials…soak it up


Ever since my friend Leslie bought me a bottle of this stuff a couple of years ago I have just been obsessed. I know, I know, it’s a classic, I’m the last person on the planet to know about it yadda yadda but it smells soooo good. And it’s not at all greasy the way some oils are. And it makes even my scruffy bathroom feel like a hamman. And I love it. So it’s an essential. I thank you.

On beauty…magic bullet


I had this problem with my eye. It was kind of a red problem. It was a problem that made me want to, you know, reeeeally casually, permanently hold my iPhone or book or whatever over the left hand side of my face.
Or wear a deeply, deeply angled beret at all times (and frankly there is no way of pulling that off well).
This despite the fact that apparently it was really not so obvious to anyone else (is it ever?) But most annoying of all it was a problem that really actually hurt. My eyelid was swollen and red and looking like it was extremely cross indeed.
I tried quite a few things to remedy this situation, I tried hydrocortisone, (yes, I know, it’s bad for your skin, but so is having a REALLY SWOLLEN EYE). I tried every moisturiser I could lay my hands on, even ones that promised to be really gentle and kind and soothing. Nope.
Hello Pinkeye, nice to see you again.
My friend Sarah told me I should try this mad cult-y cream she’d ordered from the states. Really? I don’t think so. And anyway, what if it makes it worse? But then again, Ow, it really does hurt. What’s the harm? Go on then, give me a bit to try.
One day. Gone. Three days. Can’t remember the problem. Done. No more problem.
So, yes, of course, I’m sharing the name of this stuff, in its extremely unprepossessing packaging, with it’s ever so slightly odd smell. And I’m telling you if, like me, you have highly strung skin that likes a little tantrum every now and then, you need this stuff in your bathroom.

Mario Badescu control cream

Blonde on blonde


As discussed previously I have a little bit of an unhealthy addiction ongoing love affair with blonde hair. ( I blame all those Bergasol ads that were out when I little. The blondest girl was always the most tanned and the most popular.) I keep reading articles about people who have hairdressers who ‘totally get their shade’ (thanks Gywnneth) or who ‘really understand the colour blonde they want to be.’ Hmmm, well, jolly good for you I say but, honestly, I never have found that person which is why I found myself conducting a late night Internet search and ordering up chemicals I didn’t have any experience of like some sort of apprentice Unabomber.
What I was after was a super pale blonde without grey/purple/granny overtones or ANY, let’s whisper this please brassiness. The B word, lest we forget, is the enemy of all self created blondes, from salon to kitchen sink.
Anyway, let’s not go into the full on glamour of dying your hair yourself at home. I like to keep some allure going on here, (although actually, advantages include having decent magazines to read and not being overheated to within an inch of your life. Hairdressers are always too hot for me, makes me panic, anyway) but do you know what? The results are really not too bad. I think there’s room for improvement, there’s certainly room for another mirror in my bathroom so that I can see the back of my head (ahem, no duff spots no, since you ask, but I would have liked a better view). And the main lesson learned? Toner is your God, get the right one and the transformation is amazing.
So yes, I’m now addicted to DIY hair, just like I was when I was a teenager, is this really a good recession proof tip or a sign of some sort of second youth revival?
Either way, bring on the sunshine.

No sun please we’re British


The time has seriously come (oh OK it’s come and gone several times but I mean it this time) I have to do as I’m told and wear sunscreen every day. Despite the lack of a single ray permeating the tupperware box effect cloud that we have been having for weeks (did I mention it’s driving me crazy? So crazy. And the rain, ugh) Anyway, there’s a drought and I need to wear sunscreen.
The main problem here is that a couple of years ago my absolute favourite Dr.Hauschka sun cream was discontinued and, although I stockpiled mightily at the time, I eventually ran out and I’ve never really found a replacement that is as good. I hate the feeling of wearing a heavy cream on my face and I don’t want anything clogging or cloying or hair annoying. For everywhere else I like Avene or Jason, I have a feeling I want to stay in the realm of natural, or at least the veneer of natural, products here. But the face is different. I liked the Hauschka one because it used zinc as a block and that seemed comforting. (But not Euro-reg compliant apparently, hence the end of the line decision. Small tear.)
At the moment I’m trying Bioderma’s Photoderm 50+ for intolerant skin. The jury’s out.
My skin is slightly huffy at being referred to as intolerant as it considers itself to have a perfectly appropriate level of tolerance thanks very much, but I know different so I’m going for the gentle stuff.
What about you? Do you have any favourites for protecting your face from sun?

Essentials..the chains that bind me


Now I may not always wear my wedding ring (deal with it), but my essential everyday jewellery tells a story, to me, of my history. More than a single piece would. I love the way personal pieces of jewellery layer stories and times together and jumble everything into something that becomes a part of you. I wouldn’t miss many things if I lost them, but I’d miss these babies.
How about you, what do you wear every day?

Running with scissors


So talking of freshness, I’m on the hunt today for some fresh haircuts. Actually, Katherine’s from this morning’s post was pretty amazing, but I actually cut into that myself on the shoot and that’s just not the kind of behaviour you can always get away with. Luckily, she’s cool enough to cope with such things.
Most models (especially new faces) have, well, model hair. Lovely and beautiful and everything, but a little bit samey. So I’m after something different. The hunt continues…