Making it all up…part two


I’m not really a great one for buying lots of make up, my tomboy roots have got the better of me there, but recent efforts to maintain a, ahem, professional outlook plus a new found addiction to this site have meant that I’m feeling willing to give it a go.
I took myself off to the Guerlain counter without any big hope. Part of the reason I don’t like the process of buying make up, (as opposed to applying it, which is just fun, sometimes even funny) is because I get very intimidated by Girls At Counters. I always feel like I’ve missed a class on being able to do this stuff and then I get all hot and have to run away.
Am I alone? No.
Does that make it easier? Again, nope.
BUT, I have to say, this was a very positive and enjoyable experience. I wanted the kohl eyeliner that Daphné Hezard demonstrated so beautifully here and the woman at Guerlain was so friendly and nice she showed me in real life how to use it, gave me a couple of samples of other things, was charming and delightful and, (and this is key) didn’t make me feel like an idiot. Hooray.

PS Seriously though, this stuff is great, for example, if, theoretically, and for reasons we don’t really have go into here, one were to, say, have a huge crying fit with it on, you’d think it would be a disaster, but no, in fact, I could pretty much guarantee you, it would still be on when you’d finished. That was way too many commas. I apologise.