AS SEEN…yellow ball


Untitled artwork 2014-05-20 (10.55.16-349 AM)

The sun’s out!
That was a bit of a shocker really, coming all at once like that. I just wasn’t ready. Anyway, it’s gone again today (thank goodness for British weather) so let’s take a moment to breathe, regroup and, y’know, form a plan.
I mean, I’m trying not to get hysterical here but really, who were all these people out yesterday in their little dresses with their legs all shaved and the boys with their shorts all cool and like, yeah, I was totally prepared for Summer?
Did I miss a memo?

I love sunshine. So much. But for some reason I have forgotten what you’re supposed to wear when it’s hot.
I don’t mean when you’re on holiday and cut off denim and a bikini top is acceptable. I don’t mean in the (mythical) word of festival chic, with flowers in your hair and a £2000 maxi dress. I mean in real life, in London, now.
Only, not now. Because today it’s not hot again, looks a bit like rain.
Actually maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps the only solution is to live somewhere where it’s hot all the time. That way I could crack the dress code and be done.
Legs shaved.
Owner of perfect sunglasses.

ON BEAUTY…be gentle baby


Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser 2014-02-14 (01.10.32-485 PM)
Just a little loving, early in the morning…

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll sing Dusty if I want. I recommend you join me because her sentiment, as well as her singing, is bang on the money.
It’s February, there’s a gale blowing outside, it’s the end of a long week, your skin is looking a leeetle bit grey weary. Be gentle, people, tread carefully out there.
It’s so tempting to scrub away as if by filing away the top layers of skin we will find summer lurking beneath, (oh hi there Summer, anytime you want to pop on over is TOTALLY FINE BTW) but a little morning loving might put a glow in your step more than rough treatment.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m discussing my new cleanser, which is making me feel very together and cherished. I’ve never bought Eve Lom before, despite it being brilliant (says: everyone, ever) because it’s so bliming expensive. But Winter months are long and you gotta dig deep to make it through.
So this stuff exits its pleasingly medical looking tube looking like a sort of squashed fruit bar and, frankly, smelling similar. But once you warm it in your hands it emulsifies into a rather comforting oil that you rub on and leave for a few minutes. During this time you can imagine your face is getting the equivalent of a good hug and a ‘you go, girl’ as a precursor to your day ahead.
After two or three minutes, you wash it off and you’re good to go.
Smooth. Loved.
Beats a cup of coffee for starting off your day.

OK Dusty, we still need the caffeine, let’s not exaggerate.

ESSENTIALS…on a ting fam


End Of The Night 2013-10-04 (09.33.46-165 PM)
Good morning! Welcome Monday and, yeah, you’re just going to have to trust me that todays title is what all the kids are saying in reference to their, um, over exuberance the night before. Well, some of the kids, maybe. A small and elite bunch.
Nothing like starting the week with a bit of a head and you know what my motto is?
Always Worth It.

Print it out, stick it above your desk and pour the coffee, you’ll feel much better soon. Promise.

ON BEAUTY…under the surface


Keihl's Micro Demermabrasion 2013-09-23 (11.20.05-049 AM)
Slap my thigh and call me Susan but is there anything nicer than being told your skin looks amazing? Well, yes, ok fair enough, world peace, a stranger tapping you on the shoulder and insisting that the million pound note lying on the floor here must have fallen out of your pocket, I know I know. BUT, in the grand scheme of things, it is, in fact something that will make you feel really rather fabulous all day, thanks very much.

Perfect skin, the holy grail of beauty. So when the very perfect Charlotte Saye recommended the (lengthily titled) Khiel’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro Dermabrasion, saying “This is amazing, it like takes off an entire layer of skin. I’ve never had a real one done but this is really good. You’ve got to do it properly, you have to do it almost dry skin and do it in those tiny tiny circles.” my goose was cooked, I had to try this stuff. I mean seriously, have you seen that girl’s skin? She went on camera with no make up on, go check it out if you don’t believe me. She has a point though, it’s a strangely medical looking product by the recently rediscovered (by me) brand. Its instructions are written in a way that makes you feel somewhat trepidatious about putting the stuff on your face. But hey, I slapped it on anyway, small circle now girls, small circles. Actually boys, you too, according to the ever helpful Kiehl’s staff. A quick pre shave scrub is highly recommended to get those bristles up and ready to be chopped.

OK, back to the compliments, I had several people give me that that slightly tilted head, inquisitive look you get when someone thinks you’ve done something different but they’re not sure what. You look fabulous, you look tanned (??) you look really well were the sort of things that were forthcoming in the space of one, rather pleasant, day.
And that stuff is always going to feel great, million pound note or no.

You can find Kiehl’s in the UK here.

ESSENTIALS…move your body


Essentials 2013-09-13 (11.25.41-057 AM)
Funny thing about exercise.
I haven’t been to a dance class this week, I didn’t go to a dance class last week. I go at the weekend but there has been too much work on, too many distractions, I’m tired, it’s raining, I need to get this edit finished, update my site….and on and on. The energy I’m putting into the excuses is bigger than is required to take the class!

But that’s not the funny thing. The funny thing is, I’m exhausted.
Chatting to a girlfriend last night (yes, I can always summon the energy for a chat, now that’s funny) I mentioned this and she completely agreed. “People who don’t exercise don’t understand that it actually gives you energy.”
Also funny, I had never really thought of myself as A Person Who Exercises. I love to dance, that’s it. I don’t run, I don’t spin, I don’t ‘work out’….do I?
OH! I do!
Or rather, I haven’t been, and boy do I feel it.
So, as I sit here, craving sugar and a nap and generally feeling like any sort of movement would be a really bad idea, I’ve decided, I gotta get my ass to a class.

If only someone hadn’t put LFW right in the way as a distraction…

ON BEAUTY…the trouble with red lipstick #2


Red Lips 2 2013-09-05 (01.58.52-052 PM)
Well alright, so not a trouble exactly, but it totally changes your mood.
You can’t put on red lips and sink into the background, it’s the make up equivilant of wearing a hat.

You gotta own it.
Here I go!

You can see the first trouble here now mostly solved by the purchase of Mac Ruby Woo and a really good lip brush.

AS SEEN…Winona forever


Winona Forever 2013-03-27 (12.38.34-683 PM)

I’m declaring a Winona Ryder season.

No really, it’ll be very.
It started a couple of weeks ago when I watched Reality Bites. So grimy. So good.
Next up was Mermaids, (excuse me, how cute is Christina Ricci? And that fringe? So Spring ’13).
Ok, so now I’m watching Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, a charmingly underrated film in my opinion and one that my sister and I always loved. I mean, Winona and pigs, what’s not to like? I’m lining up Beetlejuice, naturally, and Heathers (see above) plus Edward Scissorhands for blonde Winona (which feels a bit wrong but I’ll push on through).
Then Night on Earth, awesome grown up Winona driving a cab. Anything I’m missing?