Crushing on..the High Art girrrrls


High Art is a 1998 movie directed by Lisa Cholodenko, who went on to make the L Word and The Kids Are Alright, amongst other things. It’s about taking photos, it’s about taking drugs, it’s about love, it’s loosely based on Nan Goldin, oh go watch it, it’s aged really well. Anyway it’s centre is a love triangle of three women and, not to plumb the shallows here, but they are all amazingly styled.
Radha Mitchell, who frankly I remember from Neighbours, is all check shorts and sandals or little indian sari fabric skirts with the best bed head. She also wears these glasses that make me wish I needed glasses (I warned you about the shallow, sorry) and that make her look sort of like a sexy Velma from Scooby Doo.
Greta, the drug addled actress girlfriend is played by Patricia Clarkson, who just rocks anyway, but her underwear as outerwear, little girl lost disguised as vamp act and purring German accent really steal the show for me.
The perennially cool Ally Sheedy plays Lucy, the semi retired photographer. She stalks around angrily, uber skinny in her hi-waisted jeans with a heavy belt and seriously the best haircut, chain smoking (no, clearly that’s not cool or anything, I’m just saying, ok?) I sort of want to be all three of them, without, y’know, the drug problems and lesbian heartache.
I’d actually forgotten how sad the ending is, no spoilers, you can see for yourself if you fancy it. But that and the beautiful photos taken for the film by Jo Jo Whilden, made me glad I’d revisited it for a second look.