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Hanro vests on line

There’s a tradition in my family that goes something like this.

On Christmas eve, there is a point where most normal people give up on shopping and head off to find solace and cheer in friends, family or alcohol. It is at this particular moment that my boys head into town to eat crepes. It’s quiet by then and they get space to wander around. They eat crepes, talk about er, guy stuff (I am not privy to these conversations, obvy) and then they buy chocolates and a Hanro vest for my stocking.

Helping Santa out is a wonderful thing.

Looking back at this collection I see I have a sort of Hanro journal, each one representing a special Christmas spent together. Funny how clothes are more than just that, how they hold our emotions and stories within them.

BACKSTAGE PASS…the lowdown


imageRemember lovely Arlie and the shoot Navaz and I did in Bristol a few weeks ago? On our West Country travels we were introduced to the nicest cafe in St Paul’s (my love of a good cafe is well documented on this blog). We arrived, chilly, under slept and slightly dampened of spirits to be greeted with a warm welcome and a super fry up.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

We even took a couple of shots in there plus, obviously, had a good jaw about local shopping, musical mash ups and what makes a good night out. You know, the important stuff.

EMMA MIRANDA MOORE How’s your smoothie?


EMM So is this your favourite cafe? Do you come here with your mates?

AO Yeah like, it’s good for breakfast, lunch and like in the evening as well.

EMM Do you come here in the evening?

AO Sometimes yeah

EMM They had music on last night when we were walking past, do they have bands in here?

AO Sometimes, they do but I like the music they play in here anyway, in the day

EMM I’ve got too many layers on now. Where else do you go on Gloucester Road then?

AO Shopping wise I like going to RE-PHSYCO because it’s not all generic and a chain, it’s not a charity shop but all the stuff is second hand. Some of it is like reworked as well, made into new things.

NAVAZ BATLIWALLA What have you bought from there that you liked?

AO Oh I was going through a phase of, you know Fresh Prince style clothes?

EMM Yes I remember it well..

AO Well I got this mental jacket which was like, covered in patterns. And then I bought a pair of docs in there before but at Loves Saves The Day festival they got completely wrecked

EMM You did well to wreck DMs, they’re normally pretty indestructible

AO I know I wore them to a gig and like all the lacings came out and they were ruined, I lost the whole lace too

EMM You went for it at that gig didn’t you?

AO Yeah

EMM You were just right in there (everyone laughing) I like that though, if you destroy a pair of shoes you know you’ve had a good night. I’ve always worn DMs.

AO When my family and me go out, we all look kind of similar, we’ll all be in Converse and a blue jumper or whatever

NB Unintentionally?

AO Yeah

EMM Don’t you think that’s quite nice though, it’s like you belong together?

CO Er, sort of (laughs)

EMM Oh I think it’s sweet. We should do a story where the whole family is dressed the same

NB It does happen though, it’s an organic thing where you all merge into one another

EMM So you like RE PHSYCO and you come here, where else do you go?

AO Well, on a Saturday I usually head up towards town, like Cabort (the big shopping centre in Bristol) and then I’d wander up Park Street and then wander down here. At the very top of Gloucester Road there’s three floored charity shop and it’s got like a retro section, a shoe section, records, it’s really cool. It’s a Cancer Research charity shop but they’ve cottoned on that people like going to charity shops more so they’ve really made the most of it. It’s really good.

NB Clever

AO There’s another really good shop called Dutty and it sells really cool like earrings and stuff.

NB I think there’s one in Kensal Rise, near me. I think they’ve opened one in London, it’s like Dutty Girl, that’s interesting that you go there

EMM It’s vintage is it?

AO They have an underground bit which does all the vintage shirts and stuff, but the main store they sell spray paint and they do massive gold hoops but wrapped in fabric. At the time I couldn’t afford them so I made my own pair (sounds of approval all round)

EMM so much more interesting to do that

AO then I started selling them at school because everyone was like can I have a pair? But at Dutty they sell really cool patterned leggings and patterned jumpers and patterned crop tops and all that.

NB Do they sell music and stuff as well?

AO Yeah and they do events as well, like oh what’s it called, My Bad Sister it’s two sisters and they just dress absolutely mental and they do shows at the Dutty shop and stuff.

EMM What’s their music like?

AO Mental (serious face)

EMM Mental enough to ruin a pair of DMs to?

AO (giggles) Yeah. They mix like gypsy music with hip hop but then like techno and it’s just a mix of everything.

EMM Don’t tell me it’s folk core, because I’m off that

NB Are there any markets round here?

AO Yeah there’s the St Nicks market which has all the good food stalls, falafels and stuff

EMM (Starts adjusting Arlie’s hair) I look like a really over attentive mother now, fiddling with your hair in a cafe, like come on darling be a beautiful princess, and you’re like ugh mum!

WAITRESS Hi, large breakfast with fried bread?

ARLIE (grateful) Yes please

Thank you Cafe Kino for restoring our equilibrium



LOOK BOTH WAYS…love it set it free


Optimism poster (alt2)
It seems like everywhere I look there are new tips and techniques for being calm and believing in yourself.
It’s interesting to me because although I can certainly use some advice on the subject myself every day from time to time, it also relates to the subject of my short film, Optimism.

It tells the story of a young actress (played by the funny, beautiful and extremely positive Charlotte Gascoyne) and her struggle to keep her dream alive.
Film is such a collaborative process, much more even than photography. But Optimism is all done and I’ve started the process of sending it out to festivals. Frankly, it’s terrifying, but nothing is achieved without risk.
So, positive thoughts into the universe and all that.
Also fingers crossed and I’m wearing my lucky knickers.

See the trailer and more information about Optimism (the film, not the concept) here

AS SEEN…yellow ball


Untitled artwork 2014-05-20 (10.55.16-349 AM)

The sun’s out!
That was a bit of a shocker really, coming all at once like that. I just wasn’t ready. Anyway, it’s gone again today (thank goodness for British weather) so let’s take a moment to breathe, regroup and, y’know, form a plan.
I mean, I’m trying not to get hysterical here but really, who were all these people out yesterday in their little dresses with their legs all shaved and the boys with their shorts all cool and like, yeah, I was totally prepared for Summer?
Did I miss a memo?

I love sunshine. So much. But for some reason I have forgotten what you’re supposed to wear when it’s hot.
I don’t mean when you’re on holiday and cut off denim and a bikini top is acceptable. I don’t mean in the (mythical) word of festival chic, with flowers in your hair and a £2000 maxi dress. I mean in real life, in London, now.
Only, not now. Because today it’s not hot again, looks a bit like rain.
Actually maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps the only solution is to live somewhere where it’s hot all the time. That way I could crack the dress code and be done.
Legs shaved.
Owner of perfect sunglasses.



A short piece of video here from a recent shoot with the beautiful Eleanor Davis at Models 1. It ended up having quite the nineties vibe (er, hmmm, no surprise there then) with lovely styling by Navaz Batliwalla and a big mustard coloured sofa that none of us wanted to get up from.

Such hard work my job.

LOOK BOTH WAYS…eyes wide shut


whitstable -1
Rifling through my back catalogue (well a cupboard full of stuff, that sounded like I had an actual archive lurking around here somewhere) looking for inspiration for a mood board.

Came across this one. I’m taking from it:
1. Sunshine, always.
2. Dungarees, always.
3. The fact that it’s terribly easy to get distracted from your work by opening up old cupboards. Always.

CRUSHING ON…crushing in


Isabel Marant 2013-11-14 (03.42.20-937 PM)

Fun times last night at the preview of Isabel Marant’s collaboration with H&M.
Having been offered a ticket, I thought I’d pop down and see what was on offer ahead of the crowds.

Right, well, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor laughing at my own naivety, I can tell you that I was in no way ahead of nothing no siree.
I strolled into the Regent Street store, blithely unaware of the chaos inside to find…
Empty shelves.
Lots and lots of beautiful and focussed women (and just a few beautiful and focussed men) but no stock on the shelves.
It had all been swiped up in seconds.
The crowds were out in force and they were not messing about.

I do love the way that British people are so polite though, even when they’re nearly in tears at the thought that they might not get a slubby linen T at a bargain price. They’ll still offer you the things they’ve already tried, or laugh with you at the absurdity of the situation in hand.

My friend commented that I wasn’t prepared enough for the fight, I take the attitude that if it’s meant to be it will be.
What about you? What’s your strategy in these kinds of events?
Do you go? Would you queue? Are you crazy for it or is it just bonkers?

I’ll just be in the corner with a glass of champagne if you need me.

ALL THE COOL KIDS…go ask Alice


Alice in Wonderland-1

What is it about Alice in Wonderland that perpetually sparks creative imaginations?

I can remember reading the books as a child and being singularly unimpressed. They actually need quite a grown up sensibility to be fun, I’m sure I was alarmed by the chaos.
Fashion photographers, in particular, have reinvented the tales for their own purposes for years. Girls like Alice are Tim Walker’s stock in trade, Annie Leibovitz directed Natalia Vodianova as Alice (and half of the stars of the industry as her cohorts) in American Vogue in 2003 and so on and on and on. We never get enough of beautiful Alice and her questionable decisions whilst wearing beautiful dresses.

Last night though, on a YouTube rabbit hole of my own, I came across Christopher Wheeldon rehearsing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with members of the Royal Ballet. Intrigued, I ended up downloading the finished performance. It’s so beautiful, the drama and the humour and the costumes. Of course my favourite part is the Queen of Hearts with her over the top theatricality and maniacal thirst for blood. And tarts. She’d give Mrs Lovett a run for her money.

As a very sensible, very young woman said to me today “growing up can be scary”.
Alice makes it look fun.
And maybe that’s the centre of our fascination, we crave adventure and excitement but meeting those crazy characters and weird situations that life throws at us is, at times, pretty overwhelming.
So maybe we should all have a little more Alice about us. Just put on a good dress, and jump.

You can find the excellent Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland here

The photo above is from an extremely aged shoot by me, styled by Caren Westwell

ESSENTIALS…on a ting fam


End Of The Night 2013-10-04 (09.33.46-165 PM)
Good morning! Welcome Monday and, yeah, you’re just going to have to trust me that todays title is what all the kids are saying in reference to their, um, over exuberance the night before. Well, some of the kids, maybe. A small and elite bunch.
Nothing like starting the week with a bit of a head and you know what my motto is?
Always Worth It.

Print it out, stick it above your desk and pour the coffee, you’ll feel much better soon. Promise.